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- People with a disability
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IBAN BE71 9530 0000 0369
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United Fund for Belgium
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Tax deduction

When the annual total of your donations reaches € 40, you can recover 60% of your donation via a tax reduction.

For example : If you make a donation of € 40, you will receive € 24 back, therefore, your donation have only cost you € 16.

Amount of your donation Gain Real cost
10€ 0€ 10€
40€ 24€ 16€
100€ 60€ 40€
500€ 300€ 200€
1000€ 600€ 400€


United Fund for Belgium is very vigilant about the use of money from its donors. The annual accounts of the association are submitted to the inspection of a certified company auditor and the control of the various donors.

  • They are summarized in our annual activity report.
  • They are available in their entirety on the website of the National Bank of Belgium (
  • They are also published on, the leading Belgian independent information website on the activities and financial resources of philanthropic organizations that help people in need.

About UFB

We connect, select and make projects possible.  We guarantee that 100 % of the donations go to our projects.  We make a field visit of all the projects.  We only pay on invoice.

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