United Fund for Belgium (asbl/vzw) is a Belgian non-profit organization. Its mission is to help people in need in Belgium by financing projects of charity associations in Belgium.UFB's focus is solely on social projects (e.g. not cultural events) and it finances projects rather than recurring expenses (such as salaries) in order to maximise its complementarity with public sector subsidies.

UFB supports in particular charity associations involved in child welfare, reduction of poverty, support to handicapped persons and social integration.

To fund these projects, UFB collects donations from Belgian and foreign companies established in Belgium and from caring individuals. We seek to support close to 100 different charitable associations every year, financing projects of about €10.000 on average. Our objective is to focus on small to midsize projects that make a difference for the charitable association and the persons they help.

UFB's distinguishing characteristics are:

  • We distribute to the selected charities the full amount (100%) of the donations received for this purpose. This is because we cover our operational costs through special donations, proceeds from events and the income from the endowment fund (the Martin Kallen Fund)that has been created for this purpose. Redistributing 100% of donations is unique in Belgium.
  • We fund projects for associations in a balanced way in all regions and all provinces of the country.
  • UFB representatives visit every association before we finance their project to assist the association and ensure that the project is worthy and viable. The members of the Allocation Committee which selects the projects to be financed are all volunteers who have long been active in their local communities and know well the charity fabric of their local areas.



I. UFB helps donor companies to carefully choose projects to which they can be associated. We help companies navigate the Belgian associative world by providing the possibility of supporting associations that are local and can benefit from targetted funding. 

II. UFB provides the possibility to organize voluntary days for companies that wish to have a real contact with the associations on the field. 


UFB meets with the people in charge of the action:

  • to identify the associations the company wants to support for that specific action;
  • to determine the nature and the type of activities employees could perform;
  • to determine the locations (regions) where the action could take place;
  • to define the timing, planning and budget


 Different steps

  1. The company chooses a series of associations (based on a selection made by UFB);
  2. UFB collaborates with the selected associations to organize the local “voluntary event day”: welcome of the voluntaries, presentation of the association, of the work to be done, other practicalities…;
  3. UFB acts as (only) point of contact between the associations and the company; before, during and after the event;
  4. UFB collects feedback and visuals from all parties involved and shares it for local/internal communication purposes.

More pictures of past voluntary days.