History : a success story

In the early seventies, Belgium saw the first multinationals being established. They wanted to contribute to the development of the local communities by which they had been welcomed and the management of a number of “pioneer” companies set up a fund to raise money and select charity projects as well as they could. They were helped by the late American ambassador to Belgium, Mr. McArthur and the Comte Boël. It was obviously a difficult task for a multinational to make a good selection of charity projects, due to the complicated linguistic and institutional situation in our country. So in 1972 the United Fund for Belgium was born. It has been a success story ever since.

Since its beginning in 1972, the United Fund for Belgium has allocated more than €20 million to 2.250 projects.

The organization is completely independent and does not receive any subsidy from any official Belgian or foreign service. The Belgian government has granted the tax-deductible status.