As an individual

United Fund for Belgium receives each year approximately 250 contributions from individual donors. These are solicited via mail where individuals are being informed about the UFB activities. Join our donors who each year support the goals of United Fund for Belgium.

All donations of €40 or more are tax deductible.

The UFB bank account is

Beobank BE71 953 0000003 69

Swift code : CTBK BEBX

United Fund for Belgium Avenue Adèlelaan 1 - 1310 La Hulpe Terhulpen

Attention of Catherine Alexandre, Executive Director

Telephone: 02/655.49.33

Are you getting married?

Congratulations! Keep UFB in mind when you plan to get married. UFB will gladly accept any donations from your friends and family. Please call 02/655.49.34


How can you support UFB without prejudicing your heirs?
The charitable legacy to UFB.

This regime results from article 64, § 2 of the laws regulating the inheritance. 3 conditions are to be fulfilled :

  1. Write a will
  2. Bequeath a part of your estate to your heir(s)
  3. Bequeath the balance to United Fund for Belgium, who will pay the full amount of the legacy duties.

These legacy duties paid by the UFB are 8.8 %. This percentage is much lower than what your heirs would normally pay.

Here follows an example:

Situation 1

John bequeaths €10.000 to his daughter Mary
Mary pays 30% of the legacy duties, that is €3.000
€10.000 - €3.000 = €7.000

Situation 2

John bequeaths €7.000 to Mary
UFB pays:

  1. Mary’s legacy duties
    30% of €7.000 = €2.100
  2. UFB’s own legacy duties
    8.8% of €3.000 = €264

UFB receives €3.000- €264- €2.100 = €736

For more details, ask your notary.