Resultaten van de campagne: Brief van de voorzitter

We can be proud of the 2016-2017 fundraising campaign: the committed funding of projects totals €733.000, compared to €729.973 last year and above our longstanding target of €700.000 per year.

 The sources of funding that made this financial commitment possible are generally stable: corporate donations (€561.000 vs €543,000 in 2015-2016), in house-campaigns at some of our donors (€18.000 vs €21,000) and individual gifts (€7.155 vs €22.000, the delta being due to the fact that a recurrent donation is given to us biennally and was not expected this year).

 Total profit on sales and fund raising events was also stable at €113.000 if one takes into account that we did not have this year our biennial dinner gala (€167,000 in 2015-2016). As in previous years, the UFB team sold speculoos at St Nicolas, as well as Christmas cards and Easter eggs. We also organised a golf tournament, participated in the 20 km of Brussels race with 200 runners, and  were again associated to the “Pilotes du Coeur” oldtimer automobile rally.

 In addition, the donations to help cover operational costs and/or to build up the Martin Kallen Fund were exceptionally high this year at €143,575 (versus €110,250 last year).

 As a result, once again, 100% of the donations received in response to the fundraising campaign is  being distributed to charities. We are therefore able to allocate the committed grants of €733.000 to 84 projects of different Belgian associations[1].

 Importantly, UFB remains financially very sound, with the fiscal year ending with a profit of €51,966, which is proposed to be allocated to the permanent fund.

 The Board has also strengthened its governance and broadened its diversity by welcoming five new female directors in January, who have both a very strong background and an equally impressive commitment to the cause of UFB.

 The success of UFB, year after year, is owed to our donors, but also in significant part to our  small team and the large number of volunteers who help the cause of UFB (including the members of the Board Committee and my colleagues in the Board of Directors).  It allows us to minimize cost and thereby give more to the charity organisations. The support in kind from many generous companies is essential to keep our expenses at a reasonable level. Once again, I want to express our deep gratitude to them.

 Together, our goal is to help the staff and volunteers of the many associations we are able to support to be even more effective in improving the lives of the many underprivileged persons in our country.  I want to thank you all for this!


[1] One of  these is a Belgian NGO with activities in developing countries, selected in agreement with Pilotes du Coeur (ondernemers voor ondernemers)