Campaign results: Letter of the President

It can be argued that the amount of allocated grants is the most important indicator of UFB’s performance in any given year. From that point of view, the 2015-2016 campaign was very satisfactory: the committed funding of projects totalled €730.000. This represents a significant growth with respect to the previous campaign’s €706.000, and also exceeds expectations as reflected in the budget.

Looking at the sources of the funding that made this financial commitment possible, we notice a relative stability in the different categories of donations: corporate donations (€543.000 vs €551,000 in 2014-2015), in house-campaigns at some of our donors (€21.000 vs €24,000) and individual gifts (€22.000 vs €17,000).

On the other hand, the total profit on sales and fund raising events increased markedly, from €101.000 in 2014-2015 to €167.000. As in previous years, the UFB team sold Christmas cards and Easter eggs, and organised a golf tournament, as well as the participation of a 250-strong UFB team in the 20 km of Brussels race. The sales of speculoos at St Nicolas represented a well-received new initiative. UFB was again associated to the “Pilotes du Coeur” oldtimer automobile rally, which was a huge success, both financially and socially. And, finally, the fiscal year was concluded with a gala dinner, where Mr Herman Van Rompuy delivered an inspiring address on “Europe for everyone”.

Operating expenses were close to budget. They were covered by a transfer of €75.000 from the Martin Kallen Fund, complemented by some of the profit of sales and events, as well as by considerable personal contributions of some Board members and other individual donors specifically intended for that purpose. The Martin Kallen Fund itself also benefited from a private donation of €25.000. 

As a result, once again (for the tenth year in a row), 100% of the donations received in response to the fundraising campaign could be distributed to charities, and were complemented by a considerable part of the profit of sales and events. Precisely, the committed grants reach €729,973 this year, which are allocated to projects of 89 different Belgian associations.

 In accounting terms, after financial results, the fiscal year ends with a profit of €25.682. This is added to the permanent fund, which now reaches €1.448.818.

 Of course, all the year’s achievements are the result of teamwork, with the participation of numerous volunteers (in particular, the members of the Allocations Committee, the Fundraising Committee, the Financial Committee, and my colleagues in the Board of Directors) as well as of the small permanent team (2.3 FTEs).  The support in kind from many generous companies is essential to keep our expenses at a reasonable level. Many thanks to all! Finally, I would also like to express my appreciation for the staff of all the charities that we have the privilege to support: in the end, they are the ones who give meaning and body to UFB’s action.


Pierre Francotte


United Fund for Belgium       


One of  these is a Belgian NGO with activities in developing countries, selected in agreement with Pilotes du Coeur (Mothers for Peace)