Annual fundraising ceremony

Kick Off 2017

A ceremony held on October 25, 2017, at the residence of the French Embassy, marked the official launch of our 2017-2018 fundraising campaign. Our faithful donors were invited to pledge their continuing support to UFB.

 As each year, a special charitable project was put in the spotlight. This year it was the turn of « Pierre d’Angle » to present their field action. They offer a bed for the night to 48 people /day, all year long. During the day, about 30 people per day come to  Pierre d’Angle for taking a shower or just to have a nap. Afterwards Francis Vanbever, CFO S.W.I.F.T., has explained the social input and their faithful partnership with UFB

 A big "thank you" goes to all those generous donors who were present that evening, but also to those who were unable to attend, and, of course, to the numerous donors who support us in many other ways.