Annual distribution ceremony

2017 Handover Ceremony

Beobank hosts the 2017 Handover Ceremony

Beobank hosts the 2017 Handover Ceremony

On June 22, the associations, whose project has been selected by the UFB Allocations Committee, were invited for the annual handover ceremony held within the magnificent premises of Beobank.

733.000 € were distributed to 84 Belgian charities, at least symbolically. Indeed, according to the UFB operating rules, the actual payment takes place once the investment is completed and is based on the invoices related to the project.

Guy Schellinck, CEO of Beobank, explained to the audience what Beobank’ social responsibility policy is and the reasons for its involvement for years with UFB.

Two associations, ‘Take Off’ (Brussels) and ‘Blindengeleidehondenschool’ (Genk), presented themselves and described their respective project supported by UFB.

This event is also an excellent networking opportunity for the associations. It is an occasion for them to exchange and meet other associations and donors, and for some donors to meet the charities they support via UFB.